Our chips are toasted in a manner resulting in forthright flavors and excellent tannins that provide body to the finished wine.

Origin American oak or French oak
Size Large size 1.25 mm
Toast Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy, Maximum Impact, Aromatic Reserve and Structure Reserve
Packaging Chips available in 10 kg bags (Infusion bag inside an outer bag) or bulky bags


Tank staves are toasted in a convection oven that is computer-controlled with the ability to replicate each tank stave exactly to the recipe. We are careful to toast our oak staves after they’ve reached a specific moisture content. This prevents large fluctuations in toast levels to ensure consistency.

Origin American oak or French oak
Size 60mm x 8mm x 915mm
Toast Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy and Maximum Impact
Packaging Tank staves available in 2.2m2 packs (16 staves in sealed bag) and fan systems


Shavings are toasted in a distinct manner based on specific recipes created with Australian winemakers. A light dosage rate provides structure while a higher dosage rate lends toasty characters to wine. Another benefit of our shavings is their ability to eliminate the green, unripe fruit characters early on.

Origin American oak
Size A blend of sizes made for fermentation
Toast Heinrich House Toast
Packaging Shavings available in 10kg bags (with or without infusion bag) or bulky bags

Specialty Toasts

Aromatic Reserve
Our Aromatic Reserve chip uses precise toasting technology to achieve flavors that are highly desired for winemaking. Integrated hints of cocoa and vanilla combine giving the wine just enough oak, and preserving the fruit. The mouthfeel of this chip adds volume and length, avoiding astringency.

Structure Reserve
The Structure Reserve chip adds the right amount of spice and vanilla, while highlighting the fruit and allowing the wine to show freshness. The palate is very long; a true tool that winemakers will use for making fine wines.

Maximum Impact
Maximum Impact toast complements the characteristics of each varietal and works in concert with the fruit to create a harmonious balance. This toast adds complexity to the palate without adding harsh tannins and provides body and length with a subtle, soft finish. Available in chips and tank staves.